mission statement


The IEJUA will strive to be an open and respectful forum for the sharing of information and best practices, providing education, and fostering communication between utility infrastructure owners and those who utilize them to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of our individual products to those that we serve in common.


Provide information and training for the safe and efficient access of leased or jointly owned utility infrastructure

BOard of Directors

Our GoalS

Steve Schulte -President

Jen Lanaville -Vice President

Chris Walker-Treasurer

Christina Wyatt-Secretary

Steve Long-Past President

Dan Barcomb -Director

John Price-Director

Patti Rafish -Director

Rick Harms-Director

Amy Smock-Director

Trevor Nelson-Director

Lizzy Schneider-Director

Greg Hesler -Board Counsel

Act as a forum for the exchange of information critical to delivering the services in common to our industries


Managing Today's infrastructure for tomorrow's needs